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06 October 2010


In an effort to simplify my new life... and be true to the "zen" in vagabondzen... I am no longer going to maintain this blog. I'll be blogging only on from here on out. I'll definitely leave this blog up... as I think others looking for inspiration for their rustic wedding crafting may find inspiration here. I will also continue sharing my own crafting adventures online, but will do so at vagabondzen.

See you on the flip side...

06 September 2010

Features and Treasuries.

Some of my craftiness was featured this week in various places on the world wide web.

On Big Wedding, Tiny Budget's website they featured our burlap table runners here:

On etsy, my Potentially Cold Feet Sock Wraps have been featured on a few treasuries, most recently, an Art Deco Wedding Decor Treasury here:

Pretty exciting!

04 September 2010

Socks,Spoons & Bouts - Oh my!

I've been so busy working and commuting the past week I haven't had much time for crafting. I did get a chance to make a bunch of new Potentially Cold Feet Sock Wraps to post on etsy, so I got something done. I also got the metal stamps in the mail this week... so I'm looking forward to testing them out on spoons... hopefully this weekend. I'm also planning on making some fabric boutonnieres, similar to the ones we had at our wedding - who knows when I'll get around to that though!

Here's a couple photos of the spoon idea:

27 August 2010

Etsy Crafting!

Dave and I have an etsy shop... that was not doing a whole lot of anything for quite some time. Today, I decided to make some boutonniere samples, as well as, Potentially Cold Feet Socks for Grooms and put them on our site for sale!

25 August 2010

Frosted Glass Awesomeness.

I had never heard of "spray frosting" for glass, until I stumbled upon this very awesome website today:
Recaptured Charm
Lisa, the blogstress of Recaptured Charm, posted an incredibly easy, yet adorably charming project of frosting mason jars, with cute little cutouts, to give the etched glass look - for easy and cheap. I totally adore this project, and lord knows I have a ton of mason jars around our home (I just can't seem to throw away spaghetti jars!). I look forward to attempting this project in the future.

By the way, I had to google search spray frosting to figure out what the heck it was, here's a link.

19 August 2010

Fabric Birds...

For no good reason I decided I wanted to find a pattern for a fabric bird. I've put my sewing machine away, high up on a shelf in my closet... and yet I still want to sew. I have no idea what I would do with little fabric birds... other than praise their adorableness - but I still want to make some!

I haven't yet... but I did find a wonderful website with a free bird pattern and a boat load of other equally cute projects!

Lolly Chops - Wendy the Bird Pattern

Isn't this just the cutest?!?!

Check out all the goodness on her website if you get a chance... she's got great templates and other quirky projects.

17 August 2010

Let the crafting... continue!

Even though the wedding is done I still feel the need to craft! So, I am turning this blogspace, that was previously used to communicate our DIY wedding planning, into a crafting haven that I can share my current projects and inspirations with... well, whomever happens to stop by for a peek!

For now, I am considering making some boutonnieres, similar to those we had at our wedding, to sell on our etsy page. They're super cheap to make, they entertain me for a couple of hours, and don't take up a heck of a lot of storage space. So if no one ever buys them on etsy, no huge loss.

I've also seen a couple of other projects recently online that I'd like to try my hand at... and we have a bedroom full of solid wood furniture that is screaming for refinishing! I ought to be busy for quite some time.

Feel free to swing by and see what kind of messes I get myself into, anytime!