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17 August 2010

Let the crafting... continue!

Even though the wedding is done I still feel the need to craft! So, I am turning this blogspace, that was previously used to communicate our DIY wedding planning, into a crafting haven that I can share my current projects and inspirations with... well, whomever happens to stop by for a peek!

For now, I am considering making some boutonnieres, similar to those we had at our wedding, to sell on our etsy page. They're super cheap to make, they entertain me for a couple of hours, and don't take up a heck of a lot of storage space. So if no one ever buys them on etsy, no huge loss.

I've also seen a couple of other projects recently online that I'd like to try my hand at... and we have a bedroom full of solid wood furniture that is screaming for refinishing! I ought to be busy for quite some time.

Feel free to swing by and see what kind of messes I get myself into, anytime!

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