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27 January 2010

Fun Things To Do....

Dave and I are still thinking up some fun activities for the reception.

Right now, we love the idea of Mad Libs, Word Finds and Crossword Puzzles all about us! I figure we can get large postcards printed online with these on them for not a whole lot. Supply some pencils and instant fun!

(Our parents are going to roll their eyes on this one but...) We also love the idea of customized temporary tattoos! They're not terribly expensive. We can get one design for us and then a bunch of other designs that aren't custom and have a Tattoo Booth!

Please let us know if you have any other group activity ideas. I don't think we will be having any of the traditional dance stuff that most weddings have (partly because we don't really like being the center of attention on the dance floor). The first dance and leg garter thing don't appeal to us (and I think I'd feel weird not having the opportunity to have a father/daughter dance - RIP Dad.) I do want to have a bouquet toss (I don't think my nieces would let anyone leave the wedding if they didn't get a chance to catch it!), so if you have any other ideas, let us know.

For music I'm leaning towards an acoustic guitar during the ceremony with the same guitarist playing for the first hour or so of the reception time (with possible vocals) and then ipod-ing it for the rest with our music selection.

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