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20 January 2010

Entrance & Table Center Pieces.

I like the monogram entrance idea... I think if we made a big "S" from some salvaged wood and made it look weathered and hung it with a big ribbon on the door into the grange that would be really awesome.

On the tables I'd like a narrow burlap runner (if the tables are wood, which I think they are) (or maybe a brown paper runner, as seen in the last photo) with candles in mason jars and the same punched tin cans from the wedding aisle. Also some jars or plain glass vases with cotton branches and other twigs. (Maybe flowers if that is in the budget, but I don't think they will be.) We would screen print an image of our names on the burlap that is made from blocks and we would make it look worn, old and/or shabby chic!

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