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01 February 2010

Favors and such....

Trying to think of some ideas for favors. Roger had mentioned using dried lavender for our arrangements/bouquets (as I don't want the expense of real flowers, and I think it may be difficult to get cotton bolls/branches. Plus, I have been having a hard time trying to think of ways to incorporate lavender color into the whole celebration.) and we thought it would be cool to have something screenprinted as a favor. So I am considering screenprinted sachets, that are "fill your own" with lavender.

I also like the idea of having OOT (out of town) guest favors (perhaps to be given out at my folks' home on Friday evening). I had considered these local soaps from Cardigan Mountain Soapworks. She will custom a scent, wrap and message for us for $2 a bar, and I love that they're a local item.

I am thinking we could also get inexpensive small tote bags, screenprint something on them, and include the soap, a local info notecard, and a couple other local/OOT interest items. (Perhaps a photo I have taken of Alexandria, made into a card.)

I wouldn't want it to get ridiculous with the expense, but I do think it's a really nice token for those who are traveling so darn far for this whole shebang.

Let me know what ideas you have.
Especially if you can think of any other possible screen print favor ideas or inexpensive items that would be practical in the OOT tote.

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