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02 April 2010

Ceremony Aisle.

I don't know why, but I keep waffling all over the place for the aisle decor for the ceremony. I loved the idea of the feather flags, but they were too expensive. I loved the idea of 36" white balloons filled with helium and weighted down with mason jars filled with rocks, but, if there is wind, they will be all over the place and super distracting. I thought a minute about spreading flowers, specifically lavender buds, but they're so tiny, that it will hardly be noticeable.

So, as of right now, I like these ideas: mason jars with some rocks in them on the ground to mark the aisle and twine strung between the chairs, down the aisle, with little burlap triangle flags on them (maybe with an S monogram stamped on the flags, maybe not).

Today, I experimented a little with the idea. I attached fabric flags (scraps Dave had screenprinted for me, for a quilt) to twine and I really like it. They were very easy to do and I really like the look of them. Here's a pic of the flags I made, as well as, some of the inspirations I got all this silliness from!

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