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30 April 2010

DIY Boutonnieres!

While trying to get up the energy to tackle some homework today, I recalled that I had some wool fabric that had no purpose. I had picked up the fabric at a yard sale a few weeks ago, for a couple bucks. I didn't have a plan for it, I just liked it. I realized today the purpose of this fabric - boutonnieres!

I saw a super cute boutonniere on etsy (by pixelandhank) a couple months ago. Dave agreed he liked it and I committed it to memory to purchase said boutonnieres in the future for the boys. I never really thought about making them myself, as I had envisioned a lot of DIYing was going to be done back east and I would have limited time. Why not shell out the 40 or so dollars to spare me the headache of another DIY project?, is what I thought. However, today my brain was struck by bout lightning and I began to pull it all together.

After a quick run to Dollar Tree and Jo-Ann's Fabrics to buy some fake flowers and ribbon, I began the creation process. For only a couple dollars, I will have created virtually the same thing I was willing to spend $40 on! Yay!

Inspiration Boutonniere from Etsy

The DIY Boutonniere I made tonight!


  1. Awesome!!! I like yours WAY better than the etsy!!!! Great idea:)

  2. thank you! they don't completely match as i plan on lavender bouquets and corsages for the women, but i'm convincing myself that matchy-matchy is more for a formal wedding and less for a country wedding! xo-d