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04 May 2010

Sewing Party!

Can it be a party, if you're by yourself?

I haven't ordered the burlap to sew the table runners for the guest tables at our reception, yet, but I do already have the fabric for the head table runner. I found an awesome "wicker-ish" printed fabric at IKEA, that is 18" wide and already hemmed on the sides! The best part is it was on clearance for $.99 a yard. I bought a whole bolt, needless-to-say. I didn't actually have a plan for it, I just knew it would work into the wedding somehow.

Enter, the head table runner. What a great way to set the head table apart from others! So, I'm feeling the need to continue on with my DIY weekends and thought that this weekend might be a good time to attempt making the ruffled table runners.

On a side note, I've read a bunch lately on blogs about "Sweetheart Tables" which are tables for the bride and groom, only. I'm beginning to think they're a good idea. I figure Dave and I can be set up at a solo table (which we're likely to only sit at while we eat) and our wedding party can be seated with other guests so they're not isolated at a head table. I think, realistically, at weddings - the bride and groom do very little sitting as they're mingling about talking with all of their guests, so why waste a big table for all the wedding party to sit at (and potentially away from their dates, as I don't know how many people we can cram at one table) when they could be sitting amongst everyone else?

Any thoughts on this? Is a sweetheart table going to seem awkward? I've never actually been to a wedding where there was one, but Dave and I aren't much for the center of attention thing, it's really just a place for us to stop and eat at. Hmmm.... Do let us know what you think, please.

Yup, so planning to make a ruffled table runner this weekend from the IKEA fabric this weekend, wish me luck!

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