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24 January 2010

Tableware. Part Two.

I love love LOVE the BAMBU bamboo disposable tableware that i blogged about before, but it's not cheap. After having looked at some other stuff online, I still am desiring the 7 in. plates, but perhaps can get some other items to supplement the look and still be eco-friendly and be way more wallet friendly!
Here are a few other things I've found today.

Cold Cups.

SOLO Bare Cold Cups.

Corn Cups.

SOLO Bare Hot Cups.

Vegetable Starch Utensils.

Dinner Napkins and Drink Napkins.
I don't have any photos for... but am thinking several possibilities. I'd really like to get some lavender colored ones, with perhaps a wicker or linen printed texture on them to get some color in this! Also, I am considering, where it will be just a punch and cake reception, that I could get away with just cocktail napkins (then get a few different designs that coordinate) instead of both dinner and cocktail.

We're inviting 80 guests (80% of those guests are from outside of NH) and expecting 65-70 to come - so I'm not certain how many of each items would be needed to guestimate budgeting.

Got any ideas?? Let us know!

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