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10 February 2010

I am in love....


Yeah, yeah... I'm in love with David, too. That's a given. But this morning I have discovered the wonderful world of faux bois! I'm starting to put some more thought into the invites and such... and because our theme seems to be so heavily natural and rustic (plus our STDs have trees on them) I'm trying to figure out how to design our invitations... make them a little classier than our STDs, but still keep the natural elements. Google image searching like a maniac this morning I found this invitation:

...and I absolutely adore the back of it! I hadn't really considered putting anything on the back of the invitations, but I love this idea and think I am going to roll with it. So for now, brainstorming the invites to be a large postcard size with a tree on the left side (off the page, too) growing up and over the top of the invitation - with the wording on the right side, then the faux bois image on the back. There is so much brown in all of this, and I like that, but I also want to add some of the lavender to it all... so I'm thinking if our names are larger and in lavender, that would add enough to it.

As always... if you have any ideas, feel free to give us a shout!

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