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05 February 2010

Wedding Favors....

Latest idea for a wedding favor is, no favor. Instead of having an actual, tangible something-or-other for favors we'd have a pretty notecard informing our guests that we have, in lieu of a favor, donated money to our favorite fund (ie, a conservation fund, an environmental fund, an anti-prop 8 fund [prop 8 is a proposition in CA that has banned gay marriage]) in the name/honor of our attending guests. ...and then of course, we would make a contribution to said fund(s).

I think this would make the DIY process that I anticipate being great before the wedding less so and save the guests from having to take home some lame token that will end up in the trash in a few months anyway.

I came up with this idea (conclusion?) form wedding blogs/forums that suggests the least liked items by guests were monogrammed/personalized favors with the hosts' info stamped all over it and the most liked items were snacks (cookies, candies) and donations.

All this said, I do still anticipate creating OOT totes for those OOT guests.

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