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13 February 2010

More Dresses! also had "my" dress available in a lovely light purple color, crocus. I mentioned this to my sisters and thought it would be rad if we all had the same dress! Besides, who can beat $30 for a lovely, linen dress! Yesterday, they both purchased the dress in crocus! I'm so excited.

I've been thinking of ways to personalize the dresses. Make them original, uniquely our own. I have been thinking about embroidering something around the hem (or up the side) of mine. (I had seen this on another blog of a DIY bride who altered a simple white sundress from Target into a lovely dress that totally suited her personality!) I'm also thinking wide ribbon sashes around the waists of my sisters would be very pretty. Maybe a chartruese (or dark lavender) one on my MOH and a chocolate brown one on my bridesmaid. I'm not totally worried about it right now, as we will have time when I get back east to figure out the little details. But just starting to throw some ideas out there. (As always, feel free to throw some back at me!)

Here is the dress i crocus.


  1. I like the dress just the way it is with a long necklace of some sort...what do you think...again, love your sister...

  2. yeah a long simple necklace would look nice too. we'll see when i get there how everything looks together and decide then. i got my dress in the mail today and it looks lovely! my shoes fit too... i'm already breaking them in! i'm so excited!