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13 February 2010

To Veil Or Not To Veil...

I honestly never really thought I'd be that girl who wears a veil. Since I can remember day dreaming about my wedding, I was barefoot and had flowers in my hair. (Yeah, I know, no surprise I live in Berkeley now.) I still love the idea of flowers being pinned in my hair (as I plan on wearing it down, flowing) but I have seen a lot of women wearing birdcage veils and thought they were adorable! So, what I've considered so far, is a birdcage veil with a pheasant feather "flower" attached to it. (I could make all of this, as I plan on having some pheasant feathers for the men's bouts anyway.)

My concerns with the veil are these: I've only seen photos of women with short hair, or their long hair pinned up, and I'm not convinced it will look "right" with my long hair down (and I definitely don't want to wear my hair up!). And... my glasses. Would a veil, specifically a short one, look silly with glasses on? I could wear contacts for the ceremony, and put my glasses on after, but I almost always wear glasses and tend to feel naked without them!

Here are some inspiration photos for the "flower" and the veil:

PS - A third option is the "flower" on a headband, just like the photo. I think it would look nice with my hair down, and avoid the veil/glasses "all up in my face" concern.


  1. I think having your hair down and flowers in it is more you...just my thought...loye ya, Sissy

  2. yeah... i'm definitely having my hair down... i'm thinking now about a flower/leaf thing, that is made by the same lady who i am having make the bouts, and have it look similar to theirs. we'll see. months to go... i'm liable to change my mind again!

  3. if u do decide to play with the idea of pheasant feathers there is a nice diy on making headbands for ur bridesmaids. you could use any color ribbon to better match what they are wearing. it uses a shiny trim as well but u could always leave it off or pair the pheasant with some other trim. or just pheasant on top of the same material u made ur amazing bouts with. hope it gives u a lil inspiration, even tho it seems u dont need it. ur so creative!

  4. Great DIY... I've actually steered far away from the pheasant feathers - I love them but Dave isn't such a fan. I did just see a hair wreath on that I love! I think I may try to attempt that, as I'm still leaning towards the hippie girl with flowers in her hair.