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13 February 2010

Photographer Secured!

I've been scouring craigslist and posting ads looking for someone with a good eye and a great personality to fit into our budget. It's not easy. Wedding photographers START at $800 and shoot up to $2000, easily. $2000 is our entire budget! David and I both have family members and friends who have photography talents, but the idea of having someone we'd like to invite as a guest and enjoy themselves, be responsible for recording our event and not be able to relax and have fun seems unfair. We know they have mad skills. We look forward to seeing what photos they take on their own accord (as we all know, anyone who likes to take photos is going to take a ton anyway!). But we just don't want to burden a guest with such responsibilities. So, back to the scouring. I emailed with 2 dozen possible photographers. Some were teenage hopefuls, some were middle aged weekend wedding photographers. Some were just looking for a foot in the door. Some were still way out of our budget. Some willing to shoot for free! Some were right in our budget ballpark. So, who did we choose?

T K & J Lochmandy Photography

Tk&J (specifically the "T", Tyrone, whom I have done all of my communicating with) are wonderful. They are professional. They know the business. They take great photographs and are ambitious. Most importantly, Tyrone has been completely amazing to talk with. He has had all the right answers and been very flexible. He is very kind and personable. I think they are going to be the perfect match for our celebration and I look forward to working with them.

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