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25 March 2010


For weeks I've been visiting a purse at Ross (for those that don't know Ross, it's like TJ Maxx or Marshalls) that I adored. I think I loved it so much because of the ruffles. The big white ruffles in the shape of a heart. It was a big, white purse with big white ruffles. I kept telling myself it would be wonderful for the wedding, but I just couldn't commit to the $22.99 price tag. I know, that's not really that much for a purse but I also know full well that I'd never use it after the wedding. =D

Today, while visiting my glorious white ruffly purse I fell in love with a different purse! Who knew there was a more perfect purse for me for my wedding! Not only did this have wonderful ruffles, but it also had tough-looking grommets, a chain and was nude color - the color of my wedding shoes! I felt it was too good to be true and so I cautiously looked at the price tag, $12.99! This was my purse. Not only did it have everything I wanted for the wedding (ruffles!) but it's a neutral color that I will use and it's got a bit of rock n' roll edge to it! Dave even likes the chain strap. =D

I know I have to buy this bag, so after a bit of browsing in shoes I head to the check-out line. While waiting in line I see the cutest white cardigan, with ruffles! Again, it's only $12.99! I definitely didn't want to get out of the long line to try it on, so I decided to buy it, try it on at home with my dress and if I didn't love it, I could return it. Well, I've since tried it on, and it's perfect! Some pics below of them... So in love with the ruffles!

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