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29 March 2010

DIY Weekend!

Dave and I had a super weekend! Saturday we worked on some DIY projects - I made some twine orb prototypes for the wedding and he made some t-shirts for our etsy store. Sunday we went to the horse track for the first time, met an older couple that could totally be us in 20 years, learned a bit about racing and got some sun! It was a wonderful weekend, indeed!

Here are a couple of photos of the twine orbs. I am thinking about using them to hang on the porch at the town hall or on the gazebo. I had thought about hanging them from the ceiling in the town hall, but it has such a lovely ceiling, that I'd really hate to detract from it with some half-assed DIY project. Maybe, though, they'd also look nice hanging in the windows of the town hall. Anyway, here are the ones I made Saturday.

Some things I learned during the project are:

♥I will need to use more glue in the glue/water mix for dipping the twine.
♥I will need to wrap more twine around the balloons, as the one that I had wrapped the most twine on, looks the best.

I think I might also like to get some tiny balloons (water balloon size?) and make some little ones. I think those might look cute on the tables, too. Long story short, they were easy to make, fun to make, quick to make, and very inexpensive. I definitely think they're something we will incorporate into the wedding.


  1. i stumbled across your site and couldn't help but notice your twine orbs. I made a ton of these for my wedding and past christmas's. little balloons work alot better than the big ones and letting twine soak a bit helps too! make sure they are wrapped snug. i'm hanging mine above our table and cake at diff. heights and sizes. I'm glad to see someone else has same visions as me in my jumbled mess of thoughts!

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