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29 March 2010


Dave and I are still planning on making our own table runners out of burlap and screenprinting them with our monogram for the guest tables at our wedding. I found this really cute burlap heart today and thought these would be fun to make with the burlap scrap! Then, my mind wandered off, and I thought I could make an S monogram for our head table or something. Then, further my mind wandered, and I thought I could make a little boy and a little girl out of the burlap scrap to hang on the bathroom doors! Ha! How cute would that be!?!? And I'd totally use them again as dolls on our guest bed. I'm not thinking regular dolls, more like gingerbread people shaped.

I got a sewing machine off of craigslist for free a couple weeks ago. It didn't come with a manual and it's been forever since I've really used a sewing machine. (I did make a pillow for Dave for Christmas, but that machine was all set up to go - I just had to sew some straight lines!) So, I've asked my friend Galen to come over and set it up (he's a crafting mad man!) and hopefully I can start doing some sewing of my own soon! Here's the pic of the heart that has inspired me to do more with the burlap!

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