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21 March 2010


Pretty much throughout this entire planning process I had envisioned our centerpieces to be bouquets of dried lavender with sprigs of brown twiggy things in clear glass vases tied in twine. Now I'm having second thoughts.

First, I think I should stick with the more rustic theme I have going. Instead of vases I should use the quart canning jars that I already have. The height of the lavender I was considering is only 11"-13" tall, so they would look fine in the canning jars.

But, browsing the interwebs this morning, looking for origami/asian themed centerpieces for another bride, I stumbled upon this one:

I adore this! I can envision it with purple and white flowers, and the tiny little pom pom buds in chartreuse! I've been wanting to add a bit of chartreuse, anyway, as I think it's a great little accent color to the lavender and brown combo, but never really saw any place to stick it. I think I would also use river stones in the bottom, instead of moss.

So what do you think of these?? I think they would be easy enough to make. I think it would definitely be pretty and simple, which I like. And perhaps, low budget enough that there could be two on each table (rectangle tables) with the other varying sized mason jars spread between with lavender votives and stones??

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE the twine orbs!!!
    Let me know if you need help setting up on that friday. Scott is off...and he can watch the babies for the day.
    And the poppy style paper flowers!! Nice...
    I am so impressed!! I can't wait to take photos of all your details!!! You are inspiring me to be creative!