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21 March 2010

Decorating the Ceremony.

I want to decorate the gazebo that we will be getting married in, somehow. I have had many thoughts about this, it's still an open subject, for sure. I've considered twine orbs (DIY), 36" white balloons (I'm pretty set on these balloons being used to mark the aisle, weighted down with canning jars.), or "something" hanging - never quite sure what that something was, but definitely something that would sway in the wind, lend a natural feel. I think I may have found that "something".

During the search I mentioned below, I saw hanging origami cranes and thought something like that would be lovely. Origami is light, will sway in the breeze and can be adapted easily!

So my thoughts now are stringing origami flowers and birds and hanging them from the gazebo. The colors of the origami would be lavender, brown, white and chartreuse. And I think this would also be a nice way to tie the centerpieces below in with the ceremony. I like the idea of the ceremony and reception flowing into each other and not being separate events.

Here's a pic of some cranes doing what I'm envisioning my flowers and birds to do, as well as, a pic of a cute bird.

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