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28 April 2010

All the pretty cakes....

Sure I said I didn't want a girly "wedding" cake, but I'm a girl! It's so hard to avoid all the super girly details that so many weddings are overflowing with.... and, as we all know, I'm in love with ruffles!

Our ideas of what kinds of cake to have, and their general style, hasn't changed since we thought we were going to bake them ourselves.

We're still wanting 3 9in round, 3 layer cakes in 3 different flavors.
♥Yellow cake with Chocolate frosting for Dave
♥Carrot cake with Cream Cheese frosting for me
♥Any flavor cake with Lavender colored frosting to tie our wedding colors together in cake!

As I troll the boards of the wedding planning sites that the internet seems to be overflowing with, I see so many cute ideas for frosting designs. I've made a little inspiration board below to share the ones that I think are adorable! In my mind, our cakes will be monochromatic (chocolate on chocolate, lavender on lavender, etc.) and the frosting would add a fun dimension without screaming WEDDING CAKE!!! I ♥ the ruffles one, but I also think it would be too girly for all 3 cakes and (not even considering how David might feel about it) I wouldn't be able to handle that much girly! However, if our baker is able to re-create any of these designs, and could bring the ruffles to life, I wouldn't be opposed to having 3 different designed frostings (after all the color of the frosting will be 3 different colors) and one of them possibly ruffles.

What do you think?? Are you loving any of these designs, too??

PS-The bottom right is potentially what our cake pedestals will look like.


  1. ok, the ruffle cake is girly, girly but you were girly girly growing up. So think back to Barbie and corvette days. I think thats why you like it. Good luck to the cake designer in replicating it. LOL I like the cake below the ruffle one. I reminds me of a country, rustic theme. I love the cake stand...Love ya, Sissy

  2. i love the ruffles! haha... my favorite color is still pink, so somewhere deep down inside, i am girly. =D the ruffles cake is made with fondant though, so pretty unlikely that our baker is going to be using fondant, but i thought it was so cute, i had to include it! i do love the middle left one, it definitely feels rustic. the circle one, bottom left, is surprisingly not complicated (i have a tutotial) i hope to try to make one of my own someday. roger is going to try to replicate the cake stands for us... good luck to him! xo-d

  3. luv the green...but that's my fav ..of course.
    But my favoirite cake is the ruffle--girly cake. I love it!! Suprised ...even ..myself with liking it so much:)
    I think of Breakfast At Tiffanys...when I look at it. Or a really cool 20's style dress---beautiful!!