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26 April 2010

Busy, busy weekend!

We got a lot of wedding things done this past weekend. Yay! I have, of course, mentioned a lot of them already because I get so excited when I do something wedding that I have to share it!

Recap List:

♥Ordered Wedding Cake Toppers (post below)
♥DIY - Table Number Frames (post below)
♥Booked Caterer
♥Ordered Invitations

The catering was quite a journey to arrange but in the end we're using a local restaurant that my friend Heather manages, The Sunset Grill. I spent a few nights hanging around the restaurant last summer, catching up with Heather, after having spent many years away from home. I also met Tim, the owner, a few times; he's such a well traveled, funny guy that I'm glad to be working with them for our catering. (Thanks again to the Schwartzes for offering to cater for our wedding in the first place as none of this would be possible without their generosity.)

We also ordered our invitations! Very excited about this! We ordered an Invitation, a Reception card and an RSVP postcard. Dave custom designed all three and they're being printed at (they printed our Save The Date cards, too). I also ordered brown kraft envelopes from a different site. I plan to zigzag stitch a piece of vellum paper over the invitation - to dress it up a bit - but if that doesn't work out we may shell out the extra cash to buy vellum envelopes to put them in.

I had no idea how many details went into weddings, and how everything sort of has a purpose. For instance, the invitation does get sent in an envelope with all of the other little cards (which could include maps, directions and what-not, but we've chosen to put all that on the wedsite) but I didn't know it is supposed to have it's own separate inner envelope, that is typically addressed to the guests by first name. If we do end up getting the vellum envelopes for the invitations "inner envelope" I don't think I am going to write any names on them. In my mind, the reason for using the vellum envelope is to showcase the invitation in a way that you get a peek through the vellum, but it's still separate and special. I've definitely spent way too long thinking about invitations. Here they are (in .jpg form anyway); I can't wait for them to arrive in "up to 21 days"!


  1. There cute...good choice Dave and Danielle
    Love ya, Sissy

  2. aren't they amazing?? dave custom made them on illustrator. dude's got mad skills! xo-d