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24 April 2010

Ceremony Seating.

Ceremony seating has been on my mind the last few days. We're getting married on the lawn, in a rather large gazebo, that has no pre-arranged seating(photo #1). I completely want to avoid a haphazardly arranged mess of folding and lawn chairs (photo #2) and am trying to figure out to do that without making everyone stand! Standing, in my mind, is out. Sitting seems to be the only logical way to enjoy a wedding ceremony. We have 5 deacon's benches in the town hall (photo #3) that seat about 5 people each. In the name of uniformity, I'd think arrange them in rows of two, to create one aisle, would be the logical way. That leaves a bench, completely unused and wasted, in my opinion. It also only provides seating for 20 people, max. So, I am considering spreading quilts and blankets on the ground, in front of the benches, and maybe even making some burlap toss pillows (for accent and comfort) from any leftover burlap (I have tons of plans for "leftover" burlap!) to spread about the quilts too. This way, for those more able, we will have ground seating in front and benches in the back for the less able. I'd also like to figure out how to incorporate that fifth bench somewhere and make that our parents' bench. This way David's parents and mine will have a reserved space and one, hopefully, with a better view. Now, how do I do all this!?!?

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

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