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23 April 2010

It wouldn't be David & Danielle's wedding without something quirky.

Enter our wedding cake topper.

Today, while Dave and I were running errands, I popped into a local Mexican gift store, Casa Oaxaca, that is overflowing with wonderful handicrafts from... Mexico! You all know that I am completely enamoured with Mexico (Hello?? Giant Virgen de Guadalupe tattoo on my arm??) and Dave is, well, punk rock and draws skeletons on everything(I have a [framed, no less] cover of my favorite catalog hanging on our living room wall that he transformed the lovely model in linen into a skeleton.). What better way to incorporate both of our passions for all things offbeat than a Day of the Dead Bride & Groom duo on the top of our wedding cake!?!?

Guillermo, the little old man who owns Casa Oaxaca, did not have any in the store bigger than two inches tall, but he offered to request a pair, about 5 inches tall, for us when he places his next order to Oaxaca! I can't wait until I get the phone call to pop over to his amazing, little shop and pick up our wedding cake topper!

In the mean time... here's a teaser:

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