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17 April 2010

The Registered Couple.

David's awesome parents (Diane & Jack) came to visit us last weekend from the historic Philadelphia area! I'm rarely nervous about anything; so, I wasn't nervous about meeting them and rightly so! They're such a fantastic couple and I couldn't have picked better in-laws. (Ahem, not that I actually picked them, as they were a package deal when I had the good sense to marry Dave!)

Anyway, we took an adventurous trip to Bed, Bath & Beyond (for some reason the "beyond" always echoes off in my head, like a sci-fi movie title - and I don't even like sci-fi!)on Sunday and begin our registry process. Much fun was had with the "scanner gun" as we chose a multitude of kitchen, bath and bedroom necessities for our humble abode. Each day I spend with David I am assured that we really are made for each other. Our registry day was no different, as we picked and chose among a vast array of decorative flatware, dishes, linens and gadgets we consistently liked the same things. I couldn't be happier that we both have the same, simple style and taste. During our "shopping" expedition Jack kept suggesting the "Slap Chop" - you know, As Seen On TV? We weren't nearly as excited about it as he was, and didn't register for it.

After Dave's parents flew home to Philadelphia on Monday, he and I ventured to B, B & B to complete our registry and to Target to offer up a bit of variety. (And thank goodness we went to Target, too. The dishes we loved at B, B & B were no longer available and the replacement style, albeit similar, didn't really do it for us, but at Target [read tar-jay] we found a similar dish set that we love, equally.)

Yesterday, we received a couple of packages in the mail - our first registry gifts! I opened the first one - flatware! Thanks, Diane & Jack for our first registry gift! Perhaps they overheard my conversation with Dave about only having 6 forks and we should register for extras. (NB: I'd like to also say a quick public "thank you" to my mom, as she sent us our first engagement gift - a lovely, hand-quilted pillow in our wedding colors.) Our second package, David opened, and it was... drum roll please! - a slap chop! Ha! Funny guy, you are, Jack! Thanks very much for the surprises... they're very appreciated. I'm actually looking forward to using the slap chop as I loathe cutting onions!

We look forward to seeing all of our family in just a few short months in NH!

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