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21 April 2010

Burlap and Ruffles! Oh my!

As you may already know, David and I plan on DIYing our own table runners or tablecloths from burlap that I will be sewing and he will be screenprinting with something swanky. Well, I've just been overwhelmed with more awesomeness that I want to include too! Burlap runners with.... RUFFLES! Gah! I'm pretty sure I could do this, you know, sew the ruffles on our table runners. I'm at least going to attempt it, when we get to that point. Classes will be done in 5 weeks and I'll have a few weeks before summer session begins. So my plan is to do all the DIYing that we will do here during that time.

Yay! Burlap with ruffles!


  1. You 2 are very interesting people...great ideas...Sissy

  2. hello again fellow berkeley bride! it's kelly (mrs beasley) from the wedfo. :) i've decided to go with burlap runners as well and was wondering if you could advise me as to where to get it around here. or did you purchase on line? thanks much!

  3. i'd be happy to share the info.... i'll pm your anon from cl. =D