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24 May 2010

More DIY Craftiness Going On....

Now that school is just about over, I have a ton of time on my hands - which is a good thing, as I also have a ton of DIY projects for the wedding to do!

Today, I made the first burlap table runner. I ♥ it! I'm getting much better at sewing straight lines, too! It took forever to sew, well what seemed like forever - 2 hours. After finishing the first one, I realized I couldn't just sit there banging them out one after another, so I took a DIY break to... DIY!

I also "made" clothespins for our photograph clothesline. By made, I mean I glued some cardstock strips onto dollar store clothespins. I like how they came out and it adds some purple to the decor, which I felt has been lacking. I'm certain we won't need all 144 for the clothesline - 72 photos? Probably not. - but I'm sure I will find some other way to use them between now and then.

Other awesome wedding related news - the town has blocked off the grange for the whole week prior to the wedding, so we will have plenty of time to decorate! Holy relief, Batman!

Photograph Clothesline Clothespins

(That's Shirley!)

1st Burlap Table Runner

PS-I do have DIY failures, too. I attempted to make burlap bird's nests this weekend and succeeded in glueing a ton of burlap to our cereal bowls. That one has gone back to the drawing board. =D

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  1. OH NO!! Use a disposable bowl. Styrofoam. So you can bend the bowl and it will peel off. I hope you got the burlap off....