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18 May 2010

Place Settings.

I've been curious how we're going to "mark" the place settings on our tables, as our plates and cutlery will be at the buffet. I think I've figured it out. I'm going to wrap our Digital Photo Cards (business card size) and Guestbook Cards (postcard size) with burlap or twine and place them at each seat. We'll have colored pencils on the table in a mason jar with a little sign on it to ask guests to put the guestbook cards in the "Card Mailbox" that will be on the gift table. Then, after the reception, we can gather the cards and store them in a photo album.

I think this is the final mock-up of both cards. Let us know if you have any suggestions before we print them! Thanks for all the feedback so far, it's been great to have so much involvement from our loved ones!

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