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10 June 2010

Defining the Aisle....

I know, I know.. I'm still on me-cation, but I haven't been crafting/sewing at all, which has been great!

I found this idea today online... and adore it!

Do you think this will look just as nice on a lawn?
If not, what would?
I'm not a huge fan of flower petals being spread about and a regular church runner would just look silly outside. Otherwise, I'm at a loss!

PS-We got our first RSVP in the mail today... Yay!


  1. i love your theme so much! that aisle is beautiful but i also saw this one you may like. it looks like the aisle is defined with branches and the candles are a nice touch. just be careful no one knocks them over! but i think even with less candles or just a few bunches of lavender to play into ur theme, its a pretty look and seems easy to do which is a big plus :)

  2. I love that pic! I love those kind of candles, too! Our ceremony will be at 1pm, so I don't think candles are so much appropriate... but I can envision some mason jars with flowers or rocks in them. Thanks for looking out!