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07 June 2010

What's a me-cation?

What's a me-cation?

Well, for most people when they're on a scheduled vacation from work, but don't go anywhere, they call it a stay-cation. I'm already on a permanent stay-cation - unemployment! So, I decided I needed a much needed break from all things wedding and have called it a me-cation!

As much as I am loving this whole wedding planning process, it's also a bit overwhelming. Everything I see reminds me of something to do with the wedding. It's a bit much sometimes!

While I spend the next week on me-cation (and taking some time to focus on myself in a healthy, wholesome way) here's a totally awesome web article of a gorgeous wedding that has a very similar vibe to the one I am aiming for for our wedding. Oh, and I love this website too! No big surprised it's called Ruffled!

Ruffled Blog Eco-Vintage-Modern Wedding.

...and I'll see you next week!

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