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27 June 2010

This Bud's for you.

In the world of online weddings there are a handful of busy websites that a good portion of the brides, whom use the internet for their wedding planning, rely on. One of them is Wedding Wire. You may be familiar with the name as we have our wedsite hosted there. We also use the "behind the scenes" tools there for budgeting, keeping track of guests and other such useful stuff.

Another part of the Wedding Wire family is Bridal Buds. Here they have current or recent brides blogging about their personal experiences planning weddings. Readers have the opportunity to watch a wedding grow from the ground up and get some inspirational ideas for their own wedding-to-be.

I'm very excited to share with you that I have been chosen to be one such bride! I'm the newest Bud at Bridal Buds!

I'm pleased to introduce myself [drum roll please...]


By clicking on my new name or my new icon you will be brought to my profile page at Bridal Buds. At the bottom is a list of my wedding blogs (a growing list, as I've only just begun) that I am sharing with the world of wedding!

I'm very excited, needless-to-say, and hope this will also serve as inspiration for future blogging projects. ♥

UPDATE:  The Cotton Bud link does not go to my page.  They re-use names and archive the old blogs without tags.  Quite frustrating as it's near impossible to find the blogs about my wedding that I poured my time and heart into... for them.  C'est la vie!

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